This is how Home School Internacional was born.


Do you know our new and curious project for Home School Internacional?

It is the design of a school for more than 700 students, located in Valencia, which has been developed with a sustainable construction strategy and cultural roots, as it incorporates the original concept of the Barraca Valenciana  (a type of traditional building), in the effort to find in the origins a commitment for the future.

That’s how the small and immaculate constructions with thatched roofs inspired an educational project…

Integrating the value of tradition, inherent to the place, with the educational needs of a project that looks towards the future and incorporates new methodologies and new spaces for education. Sustainability, beauty, and functionality. Welcome to the school of the future.

The importance of outdoor spaces, where play areas, vegetation, and sports areas are integrated.
Spacious areas for sharing and developing new activities and working methodologies.

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