Category: Renovación de colegios
Area: m2

At Torrequebrada International School we carried out one of the most disruptive projects we have done so far. Converting a dining room not only in a space to eat, but in a completely multipurpose place, with laboratories, coworking area and library. With the idea of adapting the center to the requirements of covid, and trying to make the most of all the spaces, a project that breaks with the bases established so far was born.

The furniture, which mixes retro, vintage and industrial styles, is distributed throughout the space in a completely heterogeneous way. Large curtains divide the different areas as needed and the elaborate acoustic design makes the space can be shared with many people at the same time, without being annoying.

We integrate vegetation, art and design. Each and every one of the elements placed has a reason and a function: to achieve the well-being of children, parents and teachers, who enjoy and share this unique project.

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