Category: Planes maestros, Renovación de colegios
Area: m2

The children’s dining room for the hispanidad school was the beginning of a long road of joint work that is still in progress, with new changes in different areas of the center.

The dining room went from being a space with several tables and a kitchen service, to a completely multipurpose, colorful and dynamic area. The three key elements to achieve this were creativity, color and the treatment of acoustics. In the photographs we can undeniably appreciate the powerful change that the space underwent, but above all we achieved a significant improvement in the feeling of wellbeing and acoustic comfort for the little ones. A space that now serves not only as a dining room, because the tables, which fold and are collected leave the space free for activities of all kinds. The dining room also has an entrance area, a small access hall with a tiered seating and storage space to leave the material before entering to eat, or to rest after lunch.

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