Project classroom for Colegio Escolapios Soria


After several months of work, the new classrooms designed by the Espacios Maestros team for the Escolapios school in Soria are now ready: 120 m2 of creativity and innovation. A space designed with them and for them. A makerspace that transforms into an agora, a research area that becomes a coworking space, an exhibition area, bleachers…

Three dynamic and flexible classrooms where furniture plays a very important role, giving them fluidity, playfulness, and comfort.

At a school that is at the forefront of innovation, which has achieved extraordinary results in the PISA report, the design of its spaces plays a fundamental role. Our Lady of Pilar is the first center in Spain to obtain the European Certification ‘CCR’ CREATIVE CLASSROOM RESEARCH. A model that is based on creating an innovative learning environment that integrates the possibilities that technology can bring for exploring new ways of working and relating.

Students who learn to reason and not just memorize; teachers who receive training in neuroscience and neurolearning to improve their teaching, and architects who help create spaces that promote learning.

All the gears coordinated in a perfect dance, very proud of the result!

驴Would you like to know a little more about them? Initiatives, new learning methods, methodologies they use… You can visit them at this link 馃檪聽

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