México 2.0


Last week we were in Mexico with our special envoys: Curro Ortega Martinez and Jose Manuel Picó Linares


We passed through Monterrey, where we met with the TecMilenio team and visited their incredible spaces: dynamic, fluid, with spectacular architecture, and filled with light and color. Spaces to promote creativity 🙂

We also met with the Monterrey Institute of Technology team to talk about education, new projects and the future. Contributing and learning!

In the following days, we visited the TecMilenio Guadalupe Campus and traveled to Querétaro, where, accompanied by Juan Freire, we explored the facilities of the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Santa Fe. An admirable work by the great architect Ricardo Legorreta. These expansive spaces inspired us, motivated us, and further strengthened our bond with Mexico.

After visiting the TecMilenio Campus and the colegio Álamos en Queretaro, we prepared for an educational Design Thinking workshop where we continued to promote and learn about spaces, pedagogy, creativity, and education.

As always, our time there felt too short, and we will be back very soon… In fact, in April, a new plane will take us there to conduct 3 more workshops!

We continue to grow together! See you soon!

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