Interview with José Picó in Pymetech



In the podcast number 68 of Pymetech, we have Jose Picó  as a special guest, who talks to us about the importance of space in coworking and educational spaces. Why should spaces be more flexible, comfortable, and versatile? How is our way of educating and working changing? Jose talks about the importance of creativity and innovation, both in our schools and in our companies, because, after all, they are not such different spaces, they are spaces where we begin our learning and continue learning continuously, even though it goes from being called “school” to “work.” Places where we spend most of our time, places that are called to change and need to adapt to the demands of our current society.

Hand in hand with Jose Picó, we are witnessing this transformation, which becomes more tangible every day. From the schools that we present with the Espacios Maestros team, to the new workspaces, spaces that are more attractive, pleasant, and creative. Here we share some photos of the presentation of some rather unique offices designed for the company Kabel, by José Picó’s team: Redex creatividad.


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