Escolapios Soria, a space with the Google seal


The design carried out a few months ago by the Espacios Maestros team: versatile, dynamic, and versatile, with the technological support of Google, is yielding very good results. We took a stroll there to see how Escolapios Soria works and carries out multiple activities, games, conferences, and meetings, breaking away from the standards of traditional schooling.

We show you how day-to-day life unfolds in the educational lab of




From interactive games:

To teamwork, where technology is present as support for teaching…

With furniture and materials where you can write without fear, share ideas, and be more creative.

With an area for group discussions and presentations. The bleachers energize the environment, distributing the students at different heights, optimizing space, and providing better visibility and perspective.

With the support and quality seal of Google for Education



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