Costa Rica


Costa Rica has something that captivates us… It caught us on our first visit, has made us come back, and we promise future encounters.

This week we have enjoyed like children, accompanying José Picó on his journey in the land of “ticos”: presentations, workshops, and visits to many Costa Rican schools. But, above all, we have continued to learn a lot from his experience, from his “knowledge of thinking and doing.”

Upon arriving in San Jose, we finalized the preparations and organized ourselves for the various Design Thinking presentations and workshops of the week. We also took the opportunity to explore some wonderful landscapes that the area offers and get used to its excellent climate, colors, and people, which leave no one indifferent. It is simply a wonderful place.


The first Design Thinking workshop took place with the team of Octavio Moran and Andrea Vega to redesign their workspace at Mentora. After the initial contact and the warm welcome from their team, we traveled to Guanacaste, where we began our visits to various schools in the area. Guided by Ana and Angelo, the owners, we got to know Sea Wonders Academy, a small and caring school in the midst of nature.

The next morning, we explored the facilities and the natural surroundings of Blue Valley School and in the afternoon, we visited the spaces of Colegio Científico Bilingüe Reina de Los Angeles.


The fifth day, Jose facilitated an excellent educational Design Thinking workshop at Colegio Arandu de San José de Costa Rica where some fantastic models were created. The commitment of students, families, teachers, and school administrators was incredible!

In the second workshop with Colegio Humboldt-Schule, ideas were sought to transform the primary area, reception, courtyards, and library. There were incredibly creative ideas and ingenious models… great work!



To end such an intense week, we had a final and unforgettable Design Thinking workshop where we redesigned the spaces of KAMUK SCHOOL, working with over 50 teachers, students, and families… simply a myriad of great experiences!


We had some surprises waiting for us before heading back home. The first one was a wonderful gift from the great painter Juan Manuel Hernandez. The second was a presentation for We Le@rn & ACEP. And the last, and most curious, was seeing Jose Picó take over two Costa Rican television channels.

A meticulously planned agenda that allowed us to do a lot, but, as often happens, it fell short, leaving many things yet to discover. We will be back soon with new projects and new challenges…

Thank you all for your warm welcome, your work, and your enthusiasm!


Here we leave you with a compilation of great photos from the workshops and some visits. Also, we invite you to read the articles that have been published in Costa Rican newspapers about our work. Very proud of the effort and the results.

¡Transforming education, transforming its spaces!

“Costa Rican educators catch the insights of Spanish expert”

“Spanish expert teaches Costa Rican educators about creativity in educational spaces”






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