3,2,1…Costa Rica!


After our time in Mexico, we crossed the ocean again to strengthen relationships and work on new projects. This time, we headed to Costa Rica, where we took on an exciting educational challenge with the AULASPRO event.

Between presentations and discussions with school leaders from many institutions, José Picó was warmly welcomed to speak about education and creativity, and to conduct various Design Thinking workshops where new learning spaces were designed and prototyped.




It all began on January 22nd during the Week of Educational Innovation with a great team: Octavio Moran, Óscar Abellón, Emilio Torres, Fernando Boillos, Guillermo Manrique, Javier Torres, and Floren Hernández, among others.

It was exciting to hear Óscar talk about the impact that the transformation of spaces by Espacios Maestros had on Escolapios Soria. The transformation was created, conceived, and designed with teachers and students, and it is incredibly flexible, functional, and cost-effective.


‪“What is the difference between real life and learning in school?

In real life, you are tested, and that’s when you learn..

In school, you learn first, and then you are tested. And this doesn’t work.

(Óscar Abellón Martín)


The second day featured a great workshop in a fantastic dynamic and creative space with exceptional talks. On the third day, we added a bit of creativity theory and the transformation of learning spaces with the educational Design Thinking workshop ‘You are the architect of your school,’ facilitated – as it could only be – by our José Picó.




“Learning from José Picó. A committed architect to improving education worldwide.

A master of spaces, a space for teachers.”

(Guillermo Manrique)



The following days were dedicated to creativity and transformation processes of learning spaces. Crowning the days with some gastronomic gifts to feed creativity as it deserves. In total, more than 350 teachers and directors attended these sessions committed to the challenge of transforming the learning spaces of 30 schools.






No words can describe the excellent work done by you for Costa Rican education

Thank you for everything!





“Not innovating in education is illegal”.

(Emilio Torres)



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